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VersionIterationDate Size 
13.2 January 27 2023 11:19:31 EST5EDT 31G 
12.8 October 21 2022 17:13:15 EST5EDT 29G 
12.6 August 18 2022 09:45:32 EST5EDT 33G 
12.2 August 11 2022 19:07:55 EST5EDT 30G 
12.4 July 06 2022 06:41:00 EST5EDT 29G 
13.0 July 31 2019 20:45:04 EST5EDT 180K 

Last Log

New release 12.8-0.0 (kernel-6.0.2)

Saturday, October 22 2022

This release include (among many):
Kernel6.0.2The Linux kernel
asterisk19.6.0The Open Source PBX
frr8.3.1Routing Software Suite
gcc12.2C, C++ compiler
gdb12.1A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++
git2.37.0Fast Version Control System
ghostscript9.56.1A PostScript interpreter and renderer
httpd2.4.54Apache HTTP Server
howdy2.6.1Windows Hello for Linux (face recognition)
less608A text file browser similar to more, but better
libzypp17.31.0Library for package, patch, pattern and product management
iptables1.8.8Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities
libreofficee7.3.3.2Free Software Productivity Suite
nano6.3A small text editor
nvidia-driver-long515.65.01NVIDIA's proprietary display driver for NVIDIA graphic cards
nvidia-driver-legacy470.103.01NVIDIA's proprietary display driver for "old" NVIDIA graphic cards
openldap2.6.1The OpenLDAP package provides an open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
php8.1.9PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites
python3.10.8Version 3 of the Python programming language
seamonkey2.53.12QtWebEngine web browser.
wine7.12A compatibility layer for windows applications
xscreensaver6.05MATE screensaver
zfs2.1.6Native ZFS for Linux

Program available in this release are listed here
(2570 packages)

Here is the procedure to upgrade to 12.8-0

As root user:
# zypper --releasever 12.8 refresh
# zypper --releasever 12.8 update osukiss-release
# ok_upgrade